Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romania, Feb. 2014: Ensure the correct and full compliance of the public animal shelter activities with the legal norms in force!    Letter drafted by a Lawyer

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Subject: Romania, February 2014

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Dear Embassador, Officer, Sir, Madam, To whom it concerns:

2013 was for all of us, signatory citizens of the present protest letter, the darkest year we have ever had to go through :
an unfortunate event, as the death of a little innocent child neglected by his family and thus found dead on a closed private property in Bucharest where supposedly he had been bitten by the dogs living therein, determined the Parliament too rapidly and without any prior investigations and/or consultations, approve and send to enter in force a law that allows the local public authorities to decide the fate of the stray dogs.

We can understand the concern of the Romanian Parliament regarding the safety of the Romanian citizens but, at the same time, we must emphasize that scenes of public violence involving animals, including shooting animals in the street, massive killings performed inside the public shelters without the compliance of the provisions of the law, harassment of animal activists, etc. should also concern the Romanian politicians as such acts have an enormous negative psychological impact on both children and adults, leading to social hate and discrimination.

In this very moment, several cases of abuses were reported and also revealed in public shelters all over the country.
The case of the Breasta shelter is only one of many other similar cases.
Dogs are cruelly killed and not humanely euthanized according to the provisions of the law and to the recommendations of the National College of the Romanian Veterinarians (CNMVR), the provisions of the Norms regarding the distance adoption of the animals are arbitrarily applied by the local councils and in many cases, are also rejected as solution for solving the issue regarding the living costs for the animals, volunteers are not allowed to properly take care of the animals, they are themselves verbally and in some cases also physically abused by the shelters’ employees, the provisions regarding the identification and the proper registration of the animals as well as those regarding the spaying are simply NOT COMPLIED WITH/FOLLOWED AT ALL.

We ask the vet authorities (ANSVSA, local vet offices - DSV, etc.) as well as the local authorities in each and every city in Romania to demand and make sure that the provisions of the Methodological Norms issued for the application of the Government Ordinance no.155/2001 are decently, fully and completely followed in all the public shelters in Romania.
ANSVSA and local vet offices (DSV) initiated and promoted the above mentioned Norms so it is a matter of professionalism, responsibility and ethic to make sure that what they initiated is properly accomplished and complied.
We hope that all the complaints made by both natural persons and organizations (NGOs) shall be answered within the legal term and only after a close, detailed and honest investigation was made and due legal and administrative measures have been taken.

We ask the local State Police (including the Community Police that has been very effective and prompt in so many cases of abuse) to continue to support the animal activists, the local organizations for the protection of animals’ rights, each and every responsible citizen that reports cases of abuses happened within the premises of the public shelters, by performing the due investigations and by taking the coercive measures prescribed by the law.
We all understood (even if we don’t entirely agree with it) that this is the law in force and it must be followed.
Thus we ask the authorities to support us in all our actions in order to ensure the right and full compliance of the public shelter activities with the legal norms in force.

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