Sunday, February 9, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 9

If signed 1 petition, go to the upper arrow, left. Click right on it, go to Actions4Animals again for another petition...Thanks!  Secr. Jewell, do what Science says and Protect Wolves!
Name, email  Rescind the Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal Now! US-ZIP  Stop Turkey's Dog Massacre Law!  Shut down concentration camps for stray cats and dogs in Sochi, Russia!  Oppose the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Act that would require animal testing in the US!   Charge dog rescuer Marta Wolfe with animal cruelty!  Condemn Norwegian politician for provocatively wearing a wolf fur coat!  Justice for starved Dog!  Support Romania MP’s proposal to recognize dolphins as “non-human persons”!  Victory! Dossey James, 28, was sentenced Wednesday to 16 months in prison. He was also banned from owning a pet or having any contact with animals for 10 years  Protest please! Official Udo Wedekind from the Thuringian Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Nature Protection hunted the elephant for 30 km through the bush and shot him over 20 times before the animal was dead!  Germany, Mandatory labeling of real fur products! If not signed yet
Avaaz might be temporarily offline...
Stop the Dog Cull at the Spa Pau-Berlanne! Euthanasia in the Spa should only be performed on animals dying to shorten their suffering and by a duly licensed veterinarian! 
The 9605 Federal Law has to be fulfilled,  Urgent measures must be taken for improvements in this Municipal Dog Pound!
Israel, South Africa: STOP Slaughtering Lions, Stop Canned Hunting!
Needs more signatures!
Act now for Animals of the SPA of BĂ©arn, 'shelter' Berlanne!  France, Marseille, Against Vivisection!
                                                             ===========   News, polls, video's, if any..    =========  For English, scroll down. Breasta Pound, Craiova, Romania  Craiova, Romania! Register and login first please! Urgently support needed!  Dog Pound Killing Breasta, Craiova, Romania: still alive at this very moment, help to save them please!

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