Sunday, February 9, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 5 2014  Sign and Share please! Against the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!  The massacre of dogs and cats for human consumption of meat and fur is unacceptable! Chinese government, prohibit and stop this cruel industry!  Dogs are sentient beings! NOT biological trash! Leave them alone!  UK, it's time to make household products Cruelty free!  UK ZIP:  E17 5AR, E9 7EF, E8 2HP, E8 2JQ, SE5 9QB. Confirm!  SOS Virunga Park, NO Oil drilling, protect gorillas, hippos, okapi's and other Wildlife! Confirm!
France, NO Oil Drilling in Virunga Park!
More signatures, every email counts!
More signatures, every email counts!  Same punishment for the Filmer of Farids' act against a defenseless trusting cat thrown against the wall!!  Skinning live goat/sheep!  Boycott for hunting!
Italy, Navigli, Save Wildlife!  Romania, NO to the Wildlife Slaughter!
                                                                         ==========   News. polls, video's   ===========  Romania, EU Reporter Peter von Kohl, an interview ...
People need to know the Mega Pod was not a one time event, that these hunts go on EVERY DAY for 6 months!
Bosnia, next session planned for Febr. 6th...House of People


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