Sunday, February 9, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 7  Texas Biomedical Labs, please send your letter!  Contact the German Embassy in Bucharest, Romania: Hundreds of dogs from the Public Shelter Breasta, Craiova "vanished"! The Romanian press has now confirmed that the dogs were killed! We request a STOP to this massacre! And:  the Council of Europe!    Help the Pigs in Europe! More signatures fast!  Close the public Slaughterhouse in Beirut, Libanon!  Protect Wild Horses in any Oil Drilling Plan! ZIP 5 numbers Withdraw Wild Horse Habitat from Gas/Oil lease auction! Name, email, ZIP 5 numbers. Urgent, deadline Febr. 10th!  Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Remove Seals from the list of huntable species! Let Veterinarians take Care of the sick and injured Seals! Confirm please  Stop shipping Monkeys to Labs!  Stop this killing contest!
As well!
Needs more signatures fast!
And email Mayor Kenney to request he stop the killing!  !  Don't Let Big Oil Frack California's Coast!  Shell Cancels Arctic Drilling in 2014: Tell President Obama to Make It Permanent! 
                                                   ===========    News, polls, video's   ==========  Save the Birds...From Humans!  The European Commission is referring Italy to the EU Court of Justice for its failure to include rules on animal testing into its domestic legislation.


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