Thursday, February 13, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 13  More attention: Americans Want Humane Policies for Cats! Sign please  Protect Lolita under the Endangered Species Act!
More signatures please!
Germany, Improvement of the status of the animal in civil law!  Call off the Stray Dog Cull, Sochi! As well!  Update. California Fish & Game Commission Votes Unanimously to Consider Statewide Ban on Wildlife Killing  Demand authorities enforce UK Animal Welfare Act 2006 for 'gypsy' horses
                                                          ================  News, video's, poll's, if any   =============  Wolves, Poll, left-hand side: Should the Idaho Legislature fund a wolf-control board to oversee state-sponsored management and culling of wolves?  NO! Defenders of Wildlife representative Suzanne Stone contended that non-lethal control methods are more effective at keeping wolves away from livestock. Those methods include fladry, range riders, electric fencing and guard dogs 
Cosmetic Giant Lush has pledged it's support for the campaign for mandatory CCTV in Scottish abattoirs  Craiova, Romania, Help them take care of the Dogs saved from being massacred!  Caring for Dogs in Bosnia-Herzegovina!  Detective adopted 5 deaf Dogs, 4 of them Pit Bull mixes


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