Sunday, February 9, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 6  STOP the Torture of Galgo's, Greyhounds, in Spain!  NO training of Greyhounds tied to motorised vehicles!  Scroll down please. Against Killing-Contests! NM ZIP  Save Homeless Dogs from being killed in Sochi!  Urge ABX Air to STOP shipping thousands of Monkeys from China to Charles River Laboratories, a notorious U.S. contract testing laboratory!  Still many signatures extra needed!
Pet-Status for the Greyhounds/Podenco's in Europe! More attention please!  Every email counts  STOP Violence on the Internet! Confirm please!
Close the Public Slaughterhouse in Beirut, Lebanon!  Chile, Cancel HidroAys√©n in Patagonia once and for all!
Extra signatures fast please!
Extra signatures needed  Call Off the Stray Dog Massacre in Sochi! Use part of the $50 billion Olympic budget for shelters!  Torrington CT Fire Dep., FIRE Richard Prince, a sadistic person that talks in public forum about stabbing, duct taping, chainsaw cutting, suffocating, and drowning dogs!
                                                      ==============   News, polls, video's    ===========  Lawyer fees for Criminal Charges against Public Shelter Breasta, Craiova, Romania!


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