Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 12

After signing a petition, return by clicking on left arrow above, click right, and choose 'Go to..' Thanks!  Secr. Jewell, direct the Fish and Wildlife Service to ABANDON this reckless Wolves delisting proposal and allow for the full recovery of Gray Wolves! More attention please: Wayne State Univ., Halt Cruel Heart Failure Experiments on Dogs!  End the Use of Live Animals in UMMC's Physiology Lab!  Japanese Gov., Stop the Dolphin Slaughter!  6 EU countries do NOT apply the Ban on keeping Sows permanently in cages, protest please!  Lowe's, Stop selling Bee-Killing Plants and Pesticides  Legalize the Humane Association of Northwestern Tenerife (APANOT Refuge for Animals),  Llanito Perera in Icod de Los Vinos! Urgent!
                                                                   ==========    News, video's, poll's if any   ==========  Stop using Animals for Research! I agree! Poll  Vote for Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals ?  Scroll down: Stray Dogs, Press Conference - European Parliament
"Situation of stray dogs in Romania" MEP Janusz Wojciechowski (ECR) & MEP Andrea Zanoni (ALDE) Wednesday 12th February 2014, 15:30
Raoul Wallenberg Room - ASP5G2  Illegal Hunting on the Rise in Afghanistan!  Sochi, Russia, info for donations

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