Friday, February 14, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 14  Stop Capture and Slaughter of Wild Buffalo!  Germany: Chairman of the 3rd Senate, Dieter Kley, has proven that he is not willing or able to make balanced judgments concerning the animal protection law! Protest please, and confirm afterwards!  More signatures still! Mayor of Baguio, close all dog meat  restaurants in your town!  Click on each line please  To send a letter about Romania's Dogs horrid fate  Romania. More signatures please!
Remove all Animals please!  Click, it's a register for visitors from all countries   Peru, Enforce the ban on dolphin meat and prosecute fisherman who kill them illegally!  Against the Squirrel contest and against the Killing of Deer!  Review the laws that allow Australian native wildlife to be bred and sold in the US  Animal Protection on the Global Agenda, UN, recognise World Animal Day!  Stop Western Australia from becoming a Coal dealer
Turkey: Feeding and Protection of Stray Animals needed, especially during winter!  Demand that FWS Withdraw their Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal!  Tell Congress: Protect Wildlife — Not Corporate Interests and Polluters!  Justice please, needs appr. 337 more signatures!
                                      ==========     News, vidoe's, polls   =============  The barbaric killing continues in Breasta, Craiova, Romania. Requests for Adoptions are confusing and not being answered  Craiova, heartwarming news from this group again!


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