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Friday, February 14, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 14  Stop Capture and Slaughter of Wild Buffalo!  Germany: Chairman of the 3rd Senate, Dieter Kley, has proven that he is not willing or able to make balanced judgments concerning the animal protection law! Protest please, and confirm afterwards!  More signatures still! Mayor of Baguio, close all dog meat  restaurants in your town!  Click on each line please  To send a letter about Romania's Dogs horrid fate  Romania. More signatures please!
Remove all Animals please!  Click, it's a register for visitors from all countries   Peru, Enforce the ban on dolphin meat and prosecute fisherman who kill them illegally!  Against the Squirrel contest and against the Killing of Deer!  Review the laws that allow Australian native wildlife to be bred and sold in the US  Animal Protection on the Global Agenda, UN, recognise World Animal Day!  Stop Western Australia from becoming a Coal dealer
Turkey: Feeding and Protection of Stray Animals needed, especially during winter!  Demand that FWS Withdraw their Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal!  Tell Congress: Protect Wildlife — Not Corporate Interests and Polluters!  Justice please, needs appr. 337 more signatures!
                                      ==========     News, vidoe's, polls   =============  The barbaric killing continues in Breasta, Craiova, Romania. Requests for Adoptions are confusing and not being answered  Craiova, heartwarming news from this group again!


Sweden, protest today please: Save Susi the Wolf and her new partner!

EMERGENCY HELP NEEDED today! TO SAVE TWO LIVES, Susi the Wolf and her new partner! Sweden!
Subject: Sweden, February 14

Världens KRAV till Sveriges Samer!

Stoppa jakten av Susi och hennes partner omedelbart!
Det är inte förenligt med ett så kallat naturfolk att utrota djur eller natur för egen profit!
Världen ser detta och vi kommer att fortsätta informera alla om vad ni gör, bojkotta alla era produkter mm, och vi kommer inte låta er glömma detta svek mot moder natur ni begår!

The World's DEMAND to Swedish Sami´s!
Stop the hunt on Susi the Wolf and her partner immediately!
It is NOT compatible with so called people of  nature to eradicate animals or nature for your own profit.
The world is watching and we will continue to inform globally, boycott all your products etc, and we wont let you forget this betrayal towards mother nature you are committing!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romania, Feb. 2014: Ensure the correct and full compliance of the public animal shelter activities with the legal norms in force!    Letter drafted by a Lawyer

Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,
Subject: Romania, February 2014

Craiova ANSVSA , Complaints Dept reclamatii-dolj@ansvsa.roBucharest ANSVSA,
Complaints Dept
Ploiesti ANSVSA , Complaints Dept,
EU -Permanent Representative of Romania - Strasbourg
Address: 64, Allee de la Robertsau, 67.000 Strasbourg, France
Phone: +33 388 370160; +33 388 379221
Fax: +33 388 371670   E-mail: Website:;  Contact Mr Cristian URSE,
UK Adresa: Arundel House, 4 Palace Green, Kensington, London W8 4QD
Telefon: +44 207 9379666
Fax: +44 207 9378069
Web:;  E-mail:
Ambassador: Dl. Ion JINGA,
SWEDEN  Address: Ostermalmsgatan 36, Box 26043, 100 41 Stockholm
Phone: +0046-8-108 603; +0046-8-209 927; +0046-8-209 926;
Phone permanent: +0046-8-108 603
Consular Section: +0046-8-205 674
Web:   E-mail:
Ambassador: Mrs. Răduţa Dana MATACHE,
GERMANY  Address: Dorotheenstr. 62-66, 10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 21239202
Fax: +49 30 21239399
Web:  E-mail:  Phone: +49 30 21239555
E-mail:  Ambassador: Mr Lazăr COMĂNESCU,
FRANCE   Address: 5, Rue de l'Exposition 75007, Paris CEDEX 07
Phone: +33 1 47051046; +33 1 47051870
Phone Consular Section: +33 1 47052755
Phone secţia economică: +33 1 47051274
Fax: +33 1 45569747   Web:  E-mail:  Ambassador: Dl Bogdan MAZURU,
NORWAY   Address: Oscars gate 51, 0244 Oslo, Norway
Phone: + 47 - 22 44 15 12 ; + 47 - 22 56 12 37
Fax: + 47 - 22 43 16 74  E-mail:  Web-site:,
HOLLAND  Phone: 0031 (0)70 322 36 13
Fax: 0031 (0)70 354 15 87  E-mail:,
BELGIUM  Address: 105, Rue Gabrielle, 1180 Bruxelles, Belgique
Phone: +32 2 3452680
Fax: +32 2 3462345  Web:   E-mail:   Ambassador: Dl Ştefan-Alexandru TINCA,
AUSTRIA   Address: Prinz Eugen Strasse 60, 1040 Wien
Phone: +43 1 5053227, +43 1 5038940, +43 1 5038941, +43 1 5051628
Fax: +43 1 5041462   Web:  E-mail:   Ambassador: Mrs Silvia DAVIDOIU,
ITALY   Adresă: Via Nicolo Tartaglia 36, 00197 ROMA
Telefon: (0039) 06.808.45.29; 06.807.88.07
Fax: (0039) 06.808.49.95   e-mail:   Web:   Tita CHIŢIGA  Olimpia ŞTEFAN,
TURKEY   Adresa: Bükres Sokak No.4, Çankaya, 06680, Ankara
Telefon: 0090.312.466.37.06
Fax: 0090.312.427.15.30   E-mail:  Site:   Ambasador: Dl. Radu ONOFREI,
FINLAND  Adresa: Stenbäckinkatu 24, 00250 Helsinki
Telefon: +358 9 2414414; +358 9 2413624
Fax: +358 9 2413272   Web:  E-mail:;  Ambasador: Dl. Marian Cătălin AVRAMESCU,
Chezch Republic   Adresa: Nerudova 5, Mala Strana, 118 00, Praga 1
Telefon: +420 2 57534210
Telefon secţie consulară: +420 2 57532090
Fax: +420 2 57531017  Web:  E-mail:  Ambasador: Dna. Daniela Anda GRIGORE-GÎTMAN.
Dear Embassador, Officer, Sir, Madam, To whom it concerns:

2013 was for all of us, signatory citizens of the present protest letter, the darkest year we have ever had to go through :
an unfortunate event, as the death of a little innocent child neglected by his family and thus found dead on a closed private property in Bucharest where supposedly he had been bitten by the dogs living therein, determined the Parliament too rapidly and without any prior investigations and/or consultations, approve and send to enter in force a law that allows the local public authorities to decide the fate of the stray dogs.

We can understand the concern of the Romanian Parliament regarding the safety of the Romanian citizens but, at the same time, we must emphasize that scenes of public violence involving animals, including shooting animals in the street, massive killings performed inside the public shelters without the compliance of the provisions of the law, harassment of animal activists, etc. should also concern the Romanian politicians as such acts have an enormous negative psychological impact on both children and adults, leading to social hate and discrimination.

In this very moment, several cases of abuses were reported and also revealed in public shelters all over the country.
The case of the Breasta shelter is only one of many other similar cases.
Dogs are cruelly killed and not humanely euthanized according to the provisions of the law and to the recommendations of the National College of the Romanian Veterinarians (CNMVR), the provisions of the Norms regarding the distance adoption of the animals are arbitrarily applied by the local councils and in many cases, are also rejected as solution for solving the issue regarding the living costs for the animals, volunteers are not allowed to properly take care of the animals, they are themselves verbally and in some cases also physically abused by the shelters’ employees, the provisions regarding the identification and the proper registration of the animals as well as those regarding the spaying are simply NOT COMPLIED WITH/FOLLOWED AT ALL.

We ask the vet authorities (ANSVSA, local vet offices - DSV, etc.) as well as the local authorities in each and every city in Romania to demand and make sure that the provisions of the Methodological Norms issued for the application of the Government Ordinance no.155/2001 are decently, fully and completely followed in all the public shelters in Romania.
ANSVSA and local vet offices (DSV) initiated and promoted the above mentioned Norms so it is a matter of professionalism, responsibility and ethic to make sure that what they initiated is properly accomplished and complied.
We hope that all the complaints made by both natural persons and organizations (NGOs) shall be answered within the legal term and only after a close, detailed and honest investigation was made and due legal and administrative measures have been taken.

We ask the local State Police (including the Community Police that has been very effective and prompt in so many cases of abuse) to continue to support the animal activists, the local organizations for the protection of animals’ rights, each and every responsible citizen that reports cases of abuses happened within the premises of the public shelters, by performing the due investigations and by taking the coercive measures prescribed by the law.
We all understood (even if we don’t entirely agree with it) that this is the law in force and it must be followed.
Thus we ask the authorities to support us in all our actions in order to ensure the right and full compliance of the public shelter activities with the legal norms in force.

Protest letter against the Dog Meat Trade!

To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,
Subject: China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia, Jan. 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

We the undersigned do formally oppose the support you choose to give to countries that torture innocent animals for their industry of the Dog Meat Trade.
 It is our goal to make as many aware of your actions in turn possibly resulting in less productivity for you.
So I urge you to pay close attention to what I am writing to you and also view the photos and videos attached.

The welfare of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade is a grave concern for us.
We respectfully ask that you discontinue your business with any country that is involved with this industry.
We appeal to your clemency and respect the wish you certainly have to present a good image of your country on an International level.
We give you due notice that it is possible for a peaceful yet determined presence will be maintained outside each and every one of your businesses and will have press coverage.

In China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, boiled alive, and skinned alive for their meat and fur.
These dogs and cats live in tiny cages above the ground all their lives.
They are separated from their mothers at an early age and some are slaughtered as pups;
they do not feel what walking on the ground is like;
they cannot mingle with other dogs other than those in cages beside them;
they suffer summer heat and freezing winters outdoors;
they are not given water; they have to eat the corpse of the dogs who did not make it;
they get no exercise; they have been known to have their eardrums burst to prevent them from barking--
every natural instinct they have is thwarted by the inhumane and tortuous conditions they must live under.

They are loaded into crates so cramped tight and stacked on top of one another that their bones break and when being transported they are thrown and slammed to the ground off of the trucks resulting in injuries and sometimes death.
These dogs and cats are skinned alive, boiled alive, beaten, pounded to the ground or burned to death.

There is a perverted belief that the meat tastes better if dogs have high adrenaline levels in their meat before they die.
Therefore, some dogs are made to experience extreme fear and suffering in the lead up to their deaths.
Some are hanged and then a blow torch is used on them while they are still alive to remove their hair.
Others still are simply beaten and tortured to death.

These animals are treated with such brutality and ferocity as you can see directly from this video link:,

In summary: We respectfully remind you that deliberately torturing, beating, skinning and boiling alive dogs and cats is just unacceptable!!

It is time to set 'cultural difference' aside on this issue and END what is universally deemed horrific and barbaric FOOD TORTURE 'CULTURE' on sentient pet animals!


Romania, Prosecute the hunters who killed the dogs in the commune of Vorniceni!

A few will bounce

Mr. Costica Macaleti Prefect of Botosani County, Prefect of Botosani County
Mr. Florin Turcanu, President County Council Botosani
Mr. Toader Leampa, Mayor Vorniceni
President, DVS Botosani
Reporter, Botoseneanul
Reporter, Digi24
Reporter, ProTv
Find and prosecute at the full extend of the law the hunters who killed the dogs in the commune of Vorniceni !
To the Romanian Authorities

Autoritatilor Romane :

Again news of intentional killing of dogs, in drive by shooting manner, done by hunters in the commune of Vorniceni, Botosani County Romania, have outraged us.
We do not understand how is it possible that these individuals can shoot and kill animals wherever they want, whenever they want, in a cowardly manner, just for the sadistic pleasure of having killed animals who did not harm anybody.
As the article in the media states, these dogs were IN the commune, there for these individuals have opened fire where it definitively forbiden to do so.

Din nou,stiri despre caini ucisi intentionat, IN comuna Vorniceni, de catre vanatori, au ajuns de notorietate internationala. Nu intelegem cum pot acesti indivizi sa impuste animale, unde vor ei, cand vor ei, doar pentru placerea sadica de a ucide caini care nu au facut nimanui nici un rau. Dupa cum relateaza articolele citate, cainii se aflau pe teritoriul comunei, nu in afara ei, deci acesti indivizi au folosit arme de foc unde acest lucru era interzis.

We also found out that it is NOT the first time that hunters form the Hunters Association from Darabani have shot and killed many dogs and cows, in the same manner, just for fun, in 2010.
It appears that these individuals enjoy killing animals for no reason and the local authorities do nothing about their "hobby" !

Am aflat de asemenea ca nu este prima oara cand vanatorii din zona, din asociatia din Darabani, au masacrat in acest fel caini si vaci, tot din placerea sadica de a ucide. Este evident ca aceste persoane se distreaza ucigand animale dupa bunul plac, in timp ce autoritatile locale nu iau masurile necesare pentru a opri aceste "hobby"-uri.

With this petition we ask, the law enforcement agencies in the County of Botosani, to find these perpetrators, to prosecute them and to ask for the harshest punishments stipulated in the LAW 9/2008 !

Prin aceasta petitie , cerem tuturor autoritatilor din judetul Botosani, sa gaseasca persoanele care au comis acest act , sa le defere justitiei si sa ceara cele mai severe pedepse pentru crima comise, conform legii 9/2008 !

These barbaric actions must stop and the Police must implement the Law.

Aceste acte de barbarie trebuie sa inceteze si Politia Romania trebuie sa aplice legea.


Petitions and More, Febr. 13  More attention: Americans Want Humane Policies for Cats! Sign please  Protect Lolita under the Endangered Species Act!
More signatures please!
Germany, Improvement of the status of the animal in civil law!  Call off the Stray Dog Cull, Sochi! As well!  Update. California Fish & Game Commission Votes Unanimously to Consider Statewide Ban on Wildlife Killing  Demand authorities enforce UK Animal Welfare Act 2006 for 'gypsy' horses
                                                          ================  News, video's, poll's, if any   =============  Wolves, Poll, left-hand side: Should the Idaho Legislature fund a wolf-control board to oversee state-sponsored management and culling of wolves?  NO! Defenders of Wildlife representative Suzanne Stone contended that non-lethal control methods are more effective at keeping wolves away from livestock. Those methods include fladry, range riders, electric fencing and guard dogs 
Cosmetic Giant Lush has pledged it's support for the campaign for mandatory CCTV in Scottish abattoirs  Craiova, Romania, Help them take care of the Dogs saved from being massacred!  Caring for Dogs in Bosnia-Herzegovina!  Detective adopted 5 deaf Dogs, 4 of them Pit Bull mixes